Competition Results:

2nd place in 2013 UK Ladies Legend of the Bay

Winner of 2011 UK Ladies Wavemasters

Sarah Sylvester

United Kingdom

Home: West Buckland

Kiting since:  2005

Why do you like kiteboarding? 

I love that it is so physical I have to use every part of my body, but also that you have to concentrate and not think about anything else, so it is almost like meditation, you can switch off from everything else. I love that you can always improve and learn something new, and that there are different disciplines.

Disciplines: Wave- riding and Freestyle

Home Spot: Bantham, UK

Favourite Spot: Lagoons in Brazil

Favourite JN- Setup: Flat water and waves nearby so I can do tricks and waveride on the same day. 9m Prima Donna and ChitChat.

I use the Prima Donna and mainly Opium. The board is great for my lighter weight, in UK onshore conditions, and with quad fin set up, I can make fast dynamic turns in gusty wind and messy water conditions. The Prima Donna's gust handling ability makes life easier in UK winter conditions, and when I occasionally do freestyle I love the PD because I can always feel where the kite is.

Favourite Tricks:  Railey to Blind, S-bends

Your Plans: Travel to New Zealand and produce a wave riding video.