Explore Diverse Styles with JN Boards

Dive into JN’s extensive collection of boards, tailored for every water enthusiast. From agile Twin Tips to sleek Directionals, versatile Foil Boards, and stable SUPs, each category offers unique designs to suit your style and enhance your performance on the water. Discover boards like ‘Chit Chat’, ‘Opium’, ‘La Mouette’, and many more, each crafted to provide exceptional quality and experience. Whether you’re carving, cruising, or catching waves, find your perfect match with JN.

Master Tricks and Turns with JN Twin Tips

Elevate your Freestyle, BigAir or Freeride skills with our Twin Tip boards like ‘Chit Chat’, ‘Sun Set’, and ‘Peace Maker’. Designed for dynamic responsiveness, these boards deliver unmatched control and stability.

Carve Waves with Precision

Experience the thrill of wave riding with our Directional boards such as ‘Opium’, ‘Nammu’, and ‘Player’. Tailored for sharp turns and smooth rides, they are ideal for riders seeking agility and fluid motion.

Explore the Waves with Top-Rated Foil Boards

Experience cutting-edge surfing with our advanced Foil Boards—designed for speed, stability, and top performance on any water.