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Dive into our comprehensive collection of resources, including detailed user manuals, extensive product catalogues, and insightful instructional videos. Whether you’re a beginner looking to take your first flight, or an experienced kiter seeking advanced techniques, our curated content is designed to elevate your kiting experience. Explore the latest in kite technology, learn new skills, and connect with the kiting community. Start your adventure with JN Kites today and harness the power of the wind like never before!

User Manuals

Embark on your kiting journey with confidence by exploring our comprehensive library of user manuals. At JN Kites, we are committed to ensuring you have all the information you need at your fingertips, whether you’re setting up your kite for the first time or looking to refine your flying techniques.

  • 2020: JN User Manual Tube Kites and Bars, Engl 2020-21

  • 2019: JN User Manual Tube Kites and Bars, Engl 2019

  • 2018: JN User Manual Tube Kites and Bars, English 2018

  • 2016: User Manual Tube Kites, English 2016

  • 2016: User Manual Tube Kites, Deutsch 2016

  • 2016: User Manual Snow Kites, German / English 2016

  • 2012/13: Usermanual Tubekites 2012/13, German

  • 2012/13: Usermanual Tubekites 2012/13, English

  • 2011/12: Usermanual, Prima Donna 4 & Mr. Fantastic 2 & Wild Thing 3, English/German

  • 2011/12: Switchcraftbar 2, Spareparts

  • 2011/12: Switchcraftbar 2, English

  • 2011/12: Storyboard, Product Sheet, English

  • 2011/12: Randas, Product Sheet, English

  • 2011/12: Prima Donna 4, Product Sheet, English

  • 2011/12: King Size, Product Sheet, English

  • 2011/12: Chit Chat Neo, Product Sheet, English

  • 2011/12: Bouddok, Product Sheet, English

  • 2010/11: Wild Thing 3, Product Sheet, English

  • 2010/11: Usermanual Randas & Luis, English

  • 2010/11: Tuningtips Primadonna 3&4, English

  • 2010/11: Snowkitebar Update, German

  • 2010/11: Snowkitebar Update, English

  • 2010/11: Product Sheet, Switchcraft Bar 2, English

  • 2010/11: Prima Donna 3 & Mr. Fantastic, English

  • 2010/11: Mr. Fantastic 2, Product Sheet, English

  • 2009/10: Usermanual, Prima Donna 3 & Mr. Fantastic & Luis, English/German

  • 2009/10: Product Sheet, Prima Donna 3, English

  • 2008/09: Product Sheet, Mr. Fantastic 1, English

  • 2008/09: Product Sheet Luis, English

  • 2006/07: Usermanual Wild Thing 2, English/ German

  • 2005/06: Usermanual, CBS Bar 3+1, English/German

  • 2005/06: Usermanual Prima Donna 1, English

  • 2004/05: Usermanual, Wild Thing 1, English/German

Product Catalogues

Step into the world of JN Kites through our detailed product catalogues, where we feature an extensive range of kites, accessories, and gear tailored for every type of enthusiast—from beginners to professional athletes. Our catalogues are designed to provide you with a comprehensive view of our latest products, including specifications, features, and suitable use cases.

Demo Videos

Dive into the dynamic world of kiting with JN Kites’ collection of demo videos. Perfect for both newcomers and seasoned kiters, these videos provide a visual guide to getting the most out of your kiting experience. Watch as we demonstrate the setup, launch, and flying techniques for various kite models, offering you a firsthand look at their performance and capabilities.

  • JN Kites Preview

  • Wild Thing Revival tested by Gleiten TV, german

  • Mr. Fantastic 16m tested by Gleiten TV, german

  • JN Prima Donna 6th Generation,Instruction Video, English

  • Prima Donna, 6th Generation, Instruction Video, German

  • JN Wild Thing Revival, Instruction Video, German

  • JN Wild Thing Revival, Instruction Video, English