Chit Chat Reloaded 2

Free Ride / Free Style

You’ve had a good session and then sit down with some friends in a nearby bar. The people are in a good mood, the atmosphere is chiled. You listen around and catch what people are saying. That’s how we felt and the idea for the design of Chit Chat was born.

This board brings you to the next level in freestyle and freeride. A fairly square outline and flat three stage rocker with flexible tips make this board an unrivalled freestyler in terms of pop, speed and landings. An optimised concave and flexible tips make for smooth landings. The Chit Chat Reloaded 2 provides an incredible upwind performance through a balanced combination of concave, outline and extra thin ABS sidewalls. There controlled flex response, and vibration control for precise feedback and amazing pop thanks to the balanced flex and straight outline.

  • High stiffness for maximum loaded pop
  • straighter outline for maximum edging
  • Combined with our G10 fins great sliding capacitiy for any kind of landings
Paulownia wood core laminated with fibre quad glass combined with a sophisticated application of a full layer of carbon fibre achieve the precise flex characteristics of the respective area. For enhanced durability the Chit Chat is equipped with ABS sidewalls and an ICP bottom sheet. We have completely redesigned our inserts to make them correctly spaced to allow use of most popular.
Set of JN Ergonomic 3D comfort pads & straps all sizes fit, High end G10 fins 4,0 cm or 3,0 cm

Rider Style

SIZES: All Sizes


Product Performance

SIZES: 142x42,5 / 146x44 / 148,5x45,5

Wind Force - High to Nuking
Wind Force - Light to Medium

  • A full carbon fibre top sheet gives the board a low weight, durability and most importantly an excellent flex response.

  • Tough ABS sidewalls help prevent damage to your board due to side impact or hitting obstacles, allowing you to take your riding to the next level.

  • If you want a board with serious durability you want a wood core. With harmonious characteristics, combining strength, flex, light weight and vibration damping, wood is still one of the main players when it comes to core materials.

  • Produced with a combination of carbon fibre and honeycomb to minimise weight without compromising durability.

  • The selection of high-quality materials in combination with perfectly developed shape and a thinner edge make our boards very fast. Early planing and effortless upwind- performance, will allow you to have more fun in the water!

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Size Equipment Price Color  
132cm x 39,5cm Board / Pads / Straps / G10 fins 4,0 cm or 3,0 cm 1.099 €
135cm x 40,5cm Board / Pads / Straps / G10 fins 4,0 cm or 3,0 cm 1.099 €
138cm x 41,5cm Board / Pads / Straps / G10 fins 4,0 cm or 3,0 cm 1.099 €
140cm x 42 cm Board / Pads / Straps / G10 fins 4,0 cm or 3,0 cm 1.099 €
142cm x 42,5cm Board / Pads / Straps / G10 fins 4,0 cm or 3,0 cm 1.099 €