Prima Donna

Free Style / Wave

With the New Generation you get our title winning premium Freestyle and Mega-Loop Kite: If you are looking for a kite serving all modern Freestyle, Wakestyle & Mega-Loop-Moves the Prima Donna is your choice.  Superfast and powerful, explosive and radical turning in combination with necessary slack enables the Prima Donna and You to compete with the best. Large depower without loosing neither performance nor handling , combined with stability in drifts gives you the freedom to control the kite even in toughest conditions. Thanks to its solid drift capabilities, the Prima Donna is not afraid of a wave-session, no matter if on- or off-shore.

The New Generation comes with the well-known typical JN modern C-Shape and provides an utmost clean 5 line set up.

Overall: It´s on you to unleash the enormous potential of the Prima Donna – be the conductor and create your standing ovations on the beachside.


  • Explosive high jumps
  • Great hangtime with sufficient slack
  • Sensitive Bar-feedback to land your Hinterberger Mobe 5´s.
  • Great stability even in gusty conditions
  • Nice depower without loss of power through a perfectly adapted direct 5 line-setup |Great upwind performance
  • Easy instant 5 line relaunch
  • JN designed 4 hole water draining system for easier backward start in low winds
  • Single front line safety |
Kite / Back-Pack-Bag / Repair-Kit

Rider Style

SIZES: 6m² to 16²

Wave - OnShore Wind
Wave - SideShore Wind

Product Performance

SIZES: 6m² to 9m²

Wind Force - High to Nuking
Hang Time

SIZES: 10m² to 13m²

Wind Force - Light to Medium
Hang Time
  • Behind the middle three struts is a profiled section of ripstop between the strut and canopy. This greatly improves gust handling, overall weight and aerodynamic efficiency.

  • Three axes are calculated in curved space for the leading edge and canopy, using airflow analysis and R&D since 1999. Smaller 3D surfaces match older 2D efficiencies, enhancing kite dynamics.

  • Single point inflation – a proven external, easy to maintain system.

  • We know we have a direct influence on work ethics in the world, that’s why we work with international partners and subcontractors who maintain decent working standards as a matter of course.

  • Innovative new Shape of the Leading Edge, by our new 3D software. The Concave provides better depower, greater range of application as well as fantastic relaunching, even in lighter winds.

  • The leading edge is made from minimal segments and is completely rounded which is achieved with clever cutting methods. This makes it lighter, stiffer, more robust and far more aerodynamic.

  • Canopy is optimized in all ares from tip to the center according to the real airflows along the cap. This provides better performance and efficiency, stable performance at the wind window and balanced flying ability with no front- or back staling.

I use the Prima Donna and mainly Opium. The board is great for my lighter weight, in UK onshore conditions, and with quad fin set up, I can make fast dynamic turns in gusty wind and messy water conditions. The Prima Donna’s gust handling ability makes life easier in UK winter conditions, and when II occasionally do freestyle I love the PD because I can always feel where the kite is.

– Sarah Sylvester

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Size Equipment Price Color  
6m² Kite / Back-Pack-Bag / Repair-Kit 1459 €
7m² Kite / Back-Pack-Bag / Repair-Kit 1499 €
8m² Kite / Back-Pack-Bag / Repair-Kit 1599 €
9m² Kite / Back-Pack-Bag / Repair-Kit 1659 €
10m² Kite / Back-Pack-Bag / Repair-Kit 1699 €
11m² Kite / Back-Pack-Bag / Repair-Kit 1799 €
12m² Kite / Back-Pack-Bag / Repair-Kit 1859 €
13m² Kite / Back-Pack-Bag / Repair-Kit 1899 €