Premium Kites for Enthusiasts

Explore our diverse range of kite models, each designed for optimal performance and reliability. Perfect for every kite enthusiast!

All our constructions and shapes are based on fundamentals of aerodynamics like that smaller, smoother surfaces improve performance. That´s why all our kites are framed by our JN-Perfectly-Curved-Leading-Edge – one of our most relevant inventions.

If your kites’ leading edge is heavily segmented with harsh elbow joints, at each segment you have a vortex, and more drag slowing your kite down. Also at each point you have doubled up material and stitching, adding overall weight to the wing. This technique also adds stiffness to the airframe, as it distributes the load on the leading edge more evenly, rather than deforming at one point.

Based on this understanding, we have calculated and developed all sizes of our kites separately. We don´t scale up or down from one size.