La Mouette


La Mouette covers the full wind and application rage of foil boarding. The board has no limitations, only the rider will dictate the performance level. A true progressive ride.

The stretched outline in conjunction with thin beveled rails allows a maximized slanting position when foiling. This enables a smooth, soft contact with the water without braking the board‘s speed. The outline of the board has enough surface to place your feet comfortably for all maneuvers.

The slightly concave shape of the deck which flattens out towards the edge, enhances a secure stance which aids in the control of the board beneath your feet. The flat tail rocker allows for fast acceleration and planing until your board starts foiling decreasing any jolt feel.

The rails are smooth to help avoid any injuries. The overall board volume is kept as little as possible but there is still enough there to allow good float and simple handling for any water-start.  E.g. pressing the board under the water for easy foot positioning prior to take off.  Excelling in the waves the smaller board volume improves the riders control while on top and definitely helps in restarts if the rider occasionally gets washout during any wave play.

We offer the board in 2 versions

Version 1 : Strapless for surf-style and relaxed freeriding

Recommended for the beginner rider and the individual learning the art of foiling. Also the foot loose feel is perfect for advanced riders who want to have the freedom of placing and moving their feet in any and all positions favored for various maneuvers.

Version 2 : Strapped for Freeride-Race and  Freestyle

Both versions benefit from a large and comfortable ergonomic EVA deck.

In the tip we placed an extra M6 insert so you can securely fix your leash when swimming in the drink, and/or to place a small soft flag to make your board more visible in the water.

  • Full wind range of foiling; early planning
  • swift take-off and soft landings
  • reliable stiffness in turns and maneuvers
Slightly concave shape of the deck which flattens out towards the edge for best stance and controle, Flat tail rocker for fast acceleration and planing; Cverall board volume is kept as little as possible
  • High density EPS 35kg Core (non water sucking
  • more dense
  • more stability)
  • Thin beveled rails
  • Kevlar reinforced
  • Sandwich construction both on the deck and base
  • Extra reinforced step area with carbon
  • wood
  • glass fibre
  • Quad glass fibre with premium epoxy resin
  • Unidirectional full length stringer for maximum strength
  • Exceptional strength to weight ratio
  • Ergonomic pad shape for large standing area
  • Durable M6 A4 insert
  • distance 90/165mm to connect most common foils currently on the market
  • Extra insert on the tip for your security (leash and / or flag fixing)
Board / Leash / (Foot-Straps)

Rider Style

SIZES: 145,5 x 43,5


Product Performance

SIZES: 145,5 x 43,5

Wind Force - Light to Medium
Wind Range

  • The selection of high-quality materials in combination with perfectly developed shape and a thinner edge make our boards very fast. Early planing and effortless upwind- performance, will allow you to have more fun in the water!

  • We know we have a direct influence on work ethics in the world, that’s why we work with international partners and subcontractors who maintain decent working standards as a matter of course.

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Size Equipment Price Color  
145,5 cm x 43,5 (Version 1 Strapless) Board / Leash 899 €
145,5 cm x 43,5 (Version 2 Strapped)) Board / Leash / Straps 999 €