Air Wing

Free Ride / Downwind / Surf

We all know the refrain from Phil Collins masterpiece “In the Air Tonight”, calling: “I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord – And I’ve been waiting for this moment for all my life, oh Lord – Can you feel it coming in the air tonight? Oh Lord, oh Lord”

This feeling is what we had during the development of the Air Wing. It´s about the air, waiting for the upcoming breeze, the joyful anticipation of the next session.

To make every kind of moving Air accessable and turning the power of the wind into a nice and playful session, we´ve developed the Air Wing.

Thanks to the well-known dynamic JN-Wing-Concept, the Air Wing already delivers a considerable drag in the lowest wind range without losing stability and handling in higher winds. The Air Wing also impresses with its flight speed, its consistency in maneuvers and its outstanding hovering characteristics.

If you feel a little breeze will come over night, get you Air Wing packed and be ready for another joyful wing-session – no matter you wanna just foil, do some jumps or ride down couple of waves. Feel free, the Air Wing will be with you.

  • Wide wind range
  • Solid drag already in lowest wind area
  • All around easy handling
  • Soft and stable drift capacities
  • Swift shifting
Canopy and Dacron from newest 3-time layered fabric, Low weight - low strech, high durability, Center Strut stiffened and reinforced allowing a more stable Canopy and improved handling, Elbow tip construction (TM) for maximised effective surface and ease of handling, Separate comfort screw cap valves for fast inflation/deflation of Leading Edge and Center Strut, All handles stiffened and with skin protection, Attachment points for Leash and Harness
Wing / Back-Pack-Bag / Leash / Repair-Kit

Rider Style

SIZES: All Sizes

Wave - OnShore Wind
Wave - SideShore Wind

Product Performance

SIZES: All Sizes

Wind Force - Light to Medium
Wind Force - High to Nuking

  • Produced with a combination of carbon fibre and honeycomb to minimise weight without compromising durability.

  • Behind the middle three struts is a profiled section of ripstop between the strut and canopy. This greatly improves gust handling, overall weight and aerodynamic efficiency.

  • Three axes are calculated in curved space for the leading edge and canopy, using airflow analysis and R&D since 1999. Smaller 3D surfaces match older 2D efficiencies, enhancing kite dynamics.

  • Single point inflation – a proven external, easy to maintain system.

  • We know we have a direct influence on work ethics in the world, that’s why we work with international partners and subcontractors who maintain decent working standards as a matter of course.

  • Innovative new Shape of the Leading Edge, by our new 3D software. The Concave provides better depower, greater range of application as well as fantastic relaunching, even in lighter winds.

  • The leading edge is made from minimal segments and is completely rounded which is achieved with clever cutting methods. This makes it lighter, stiffer, more robust and far more aerodynamic.

  • Canopy is optimized in all ares from tip to the center according to the real airflows along the cap. This provides better performance and efficiency, stable performance at the wind window and balanced flying ability with no front- or back staling.

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Size Equipment Price Color  
4,0m² Wing / Back-Pack-Bag / Leash / Repair-Kit 999 €
5,0m² Wing / Back-Pack-Bag / Leash / Repair-Kit 1069 €
6,0m² Wing / Back-Pack-Bag / Leash / Repair-Kit 1129 €
7,0m² Wing / Back-Pack-Bag / Leash / Repair-Kit 1179 €