Rui Neves


Home: Setúbal

Kiting since: 2002

Why you like kiteboading? Kiteboarding start as one more sport to add in my life, and faster came up as my main priority, I simply love the feeling of riding, gives you so much freedom. 

Disciplines: Freeride, Wakestyle

Home Spot: Secret Spot (Portugal) 

Favourite Spot: Soma Bay, Egypt

Favourite JN- Setup: Prima Donna 12 and Chit Chat 138  Prima Donna because I simply can ride it from 12 to 30 knots its fast and precise, just got to love it! Chit Chat it’s a fast board with a nice pop, and with my boots on it it’s just perfect!!

Favourite Tricks: Low Mobe, Double S to Blind 

Your Plans: Keep enjoying more and more with my lovely gear and help to develop this amazing brand which is growing more and more!!