Richard Boughton

United Kingdom

Home: West Buckland

Kiting since: 2003

Why you like kiteboarding?

It really clears your mind, and gives you the ultimate focus. It’s fast, exciting and the ultimate three-dimensional free sport. There are so many styles to try, and things to learn, it’s endless.

Competition Results: Absolutely none. I did a course race once, and got bored.

Disciplines: Wave, high wind Freestyle, Skim

Home Spot:  Bantham, UK

Favourite Spot:  Bantham, UK

Favourite JN- Setup:

WT 8m, 21m lines, 25-30 knots from the right. JN Nammu, strapless. 2m to 3m swell in Bantham Rivermouth with long steep waves.For my riding and conditions, which is mainly strapless in side to onshore conditions, I like the fast handling and extended wind range the Wild Thing Revival gives me. I can use a kite size down from what I normally ride, and it also gets me upwind and back to the line up fast. The fast predictable handling and downwind drift ability suit me perfectly for riding in big wave conditions. The Nammu strapless gives me enough float to ride out the lulls and the thruster set up gives me the right amount of grip and speed to get where I want to be on the wave without having to think too much!

Favourite Tricks: On a twin tip, it has to be a Megaloop

Your Plans: Tow into some big Atlantic swell over winter and minimise my time swimming. Maybe get out to New Zealand to find some empty waves and big landscapes.