Nora Jolantha Groos

United Kingdom

Home: Bantham

Kiting since: 2012

Why you like kiteboarding? Kiting requires concentration on the water and even on days where I am not learning anything new, I don’t think about anything else. It really clears my mind.  I see it as a competition with myself. I always feel like learning something new. There are so many disciplines and tricks that I can never stop progressing.

Disciplines: Freestyle, Wakestyle

Home Spot: Bantham

Favourite Spot: El Gouna, Egypt

Favourite JN- Setup: 7, 9, 11 PD 6th generation, Chit Chat Reloaded with Boots, cause it allows me to progress in any wind and weather. 

Favourite Tricks: Railey to blind (in progress)

Your Plans: To improve my kiting and start competing in the European or Asian circuit.