Nick Jabs


Home: Kiel

Kiting since: 2006

Why you like kiteboading?  It is the biggest fun to be with your chumps on the water!

Disciplines: Freestyle

Home Spot: Kiel (Laboe)

Favourite Spot:  There are a lot of places to Kite in the World. For me it is important to Kite with my Friends, independently of the Spot. At the moment i like Kegnæs in Denmark very much.

Favourite JN- Setup: JN Wild Thing 14m, Chit Chat Reloaded. The Wild Thing Revival is very stable, and helps me a lot with my training. I prefer to ride the Chit Chat Reloaded with Boots, it is a very fast board with excellent pop.

Favourite Tricks: Front blind Mobe, I love every new trick, I’ve trained!

Your Plans: to get good Medias and progress my riding constantly.