Marco Hayler


Home: Huglfing

Kiting since: Snowkiting since 2008, Kitesurfing since 2011

Why you like kiteboading? I love kiteboarding, because it’s not just a sport it’s a lifestyle! 

Competition Results: 

1. Freestyle/Ski Open Italian Championship, Class Europe 2014

12. Race (Ski) Snowkite Championship 2013

Disciplines: Snowkiting Race and Freestyle

Home Spot: Starnberger See

Favourite Spot: Tarifa

Favourite JN- Setup: For me the Wild Thing Revival is perfect for freestyle, as well as just for cruising around. The lift and hang-time is just incredible…there are not a lot of kites on the market you can compare this one with. The huge wind range makes this kite also perfect for low wind conditions. Together with the Chit Chat Reloaded, my favourite personal setup is the best I can have. In the winter I prefer the Randas 13, due to its incredible low wind performance and amazing hangtime.

Favourite Tricks: Blind Judge 3 and Kiteloops

Your Plans: Travelling and kiting as much as possible, with the goal to improve and learn new tricks!