Competition Results:            

1st Austrian Champion Freestyle, Kitesurf 2013

Snowkite Vice World Champion Freestlye/Board 2012

2nd German Snowkiteopen Freestyle /Board, Reschensee2011

1stGerman Master Freestyle / Board, Reschensee 2011

Snowkite Vice World Champion Freestlye Board, Reschensee, Italy 2010

1st Master of Woodquater, Lower Austria, Austria 2009

1stAustrian Championship, Traunsee, Austria 2008

1st Samsung Snowkite Open, Obertauern, Austria 2008

1st German Freestyle Snowkite Open Snowkite, Reschensee Italy 2008

1st German Freestyle Master Snowkite, Reschensee, Italy 2008

1st Lord of the Wind, Snowkite, Tirol, Austria2007

2nd Master of Woodquater, Snowkite, Obertauern, Austria 2007

1st German Freestyle Snowkite Open, Germany 2007

1st German Freestyle Master Snowkite, Germany 2007

1st King of the Wing, Snowkite, Pillerseetal, Austria 2006

2nd ISKA Worldcup Lake Silvaplana Freestyle / Board, Switzerland 2006

3rd ISKA World Championship Freestyleboard, Silvaplana, Switzerland 006

4th ISKA Worldcup Lake Silvaplana Race / Board, Switzerland 2006

3rd European Snowkitechampionship Freestyle Silvaplana / Board, Switzerland 2005

4th European Snowkitechampionship Race Silvaplana / Board, Switzerland 2005

5th Snowkite Supersession Obertauern, Austria 2005

3rd Freestyle Kitesurf, Reschensee, Italy 2006

Heinar Brandstötter


Home: Mondsee

Kiting since: 2004

Why do you like kiteboading? Because it is the best sport ever.

Favourite JN- Setup: I prefer the Wild Thing Revival in 14m for kiteboarding, because it is a very fast kite for its size. The Wild Thing has much power and a good turning speed. Mostly when I ride my 14 WT in real low-winds, like 8 to 10 knots the kite still performing awesome for Wakestyle, with a lot power and a good bar feeling. The Peacemaker is my wakestyle-board. It is a very fast board, which is planing early and excuses hard landings. Due to a lack of time, the combination with the Wild Thing Revival offers me the maximum fun at the lakes at home, where we are used to light-wind conditions.

Disciplines: Freestyle Kitesurf/ Snowkite

Home Spot: Mondsee/ Traunsee, Austria

Favourite Spot: Brasil/ Traunsee, Austria

Favourite Tricks: KGB Backside Grab

Your Plans: Ride as much as possible, and produce some good videos!