Competition Results: 

1. ISKA Snowkite European Championship 2013 Freestyle Ski Expression Session Snowkite Vice World Champion 2010 Freestyle Ski
3. ISKA European Championship / Ski
4. German Snowkiteopen Freestyle / Ski
2. Samsung Snowkite Open 2008
1. Lord of the Wind

Daniel Schur


Home: Salzburg
Kiting since: 2004
Why do you like kiteboading? I’ve always dreamed of flying and I love water sports.

Disciplines: Freestyle

Home Spot: Mondsee/ Alps, Austria
Favourite Spot: Traunsee, Austria
Favourite JN- Setup:  Wild Thing, Peacemaker Wild Thing 14, because at my homespots the most common wind conditions are less than a breeze. With the amazing low end of the WT, it's still possible to ride and have fun. Peace Maker 142, because it's the best addition to the wild thing- plus you can ride it with boots, which is an important criteria when it comes to rougher conditions.
Favourite Tricks: Megaloops
Your Plans: My top goal is to have a lot of fun with the team and get stoked. Beside of this I want to compete in Snowkite Contests this winter and catch a few great shots and a dope video.