Prima Donna 6

The 6th generation of the JN Prima Donna is back, and it‘s ready to make your day, and change your perceptions. The JN modern C kite is the most accessible, balanced freestyle and freeride kite we have ever produced. It is stable, direct, punchy and easy to handle. We refined the pure performance oriented C-shape in all sizes, and applied only the highest quality fabrics available to save weight and enhance durability. The strictly applied „Floating Batten System“ and „Perfect Round Arc Shape“ allows an extremely aerodynamic profile. The rider benefits from a larger wind range and smooth, secure handling in gusty conditions.

Sizes: 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 / 14m²

  • Fast flying speed
  • Medium bar pressure
  • Lots of punch for powerful unhooked wakestyle moves
  • Precise direct steering combined with balanced intuitive feedback
  • High wind performance like never before
  • Enormous lift and hangtime
  • Instant 5th line safety
  • Simple relaunch
  • Perfect Round Arc Shape
  • Floating Batten System FBT
  • High end manufacturing by double and taped seams, strong reinforcement
  • Best industry materials only: Teijin canopy fabric and Polyant Dimension Dacron fabric
  • Kevlar at critical points for enhanced durability
  • Stitched in graphic design to save weight
  • Sophisticated 5 strut construction
  • Single point inflation
  • simple to service
  • Ready to fly
Kite, Back Pack Bag, Repair Kit, JN Master's Craft

Sarah Sylvester

I use the Prima Donna and mainly Opium. The board is great for my lighter weight, in UK onshore conditions, and with quad fin set up, I can make fast dynamic turns in gusty wind and messy water conditions. The Prima Donna's gust handling ability makes life easier in UK winter conditions, and when II occasionally do freestyle I love the PD because I can always feel where the kite is.
Sarah Sylvester

Perfect Wide Round Arc Shape

Perfect Round Wide Arc Shape

The leading edge is made from minimal segments and is completely rounded which is achieved with clever cutting methods. This makes it lighter, stiffer, more robust and far more aerodynamic.

Floating Batten Technology

Floating Batten Technology

Behind the middle three struts is a profiled section of ripstop between the strut and canopy. This greatly improves gust handling, overall weight and aerodynamic efficiency.

Single point inflation

Single Point Inflation

Single point inflation - a proven external, easy to maintain system

Ethical Trade

JN Ethical Trade

We know we have a direct influence on work ethics in the world, that’s why we work with international partners and subcontractors who maintain decent working standards as a matter of course.