Prima Donna 5

JN proudly presents the new Prima Donna, the 5th generation of the legendary freestyler with increasing fan community of wave & free-riders. The pure performance oriented C-shape we refined in all sizes, applied the richest fabrics only to save weight and enhance durability. The strictly applied floating batten system and perfect round arc shape allow a wind-adapted profile. The rider profits from a larger wind range of its kite and smoother, secure handling also in gusty conditions. Use of highest industry quality in materials such as Teijin TM for the canopy and Polyant Dimension TM for any Dacron area, double seams, durable Kevlar - Cordura reinforcement combined with high end and sustainable JN manufacturing. The JN only developed “floating batten system (FBT since 2003)” allows the profile to adjust itself to current winds and gusts, extends the wind range and smoothens the handling. The “perfect round arc shape”, possible only thanks to our continuously further developed hard- and software, reduces performance-inhibiting air turbulences and stabilizes your kite at any winds. The well balanced construction of Prima Donna helps you e.g. when riding onshore conditions or doing radical jumps by a friendly lee-ward drifting and still turn able kite whenever lines have less tension. Kite profiles, individually adapted to the respective wind speed, are making each kite size unique and specifically designed for its range. Prima Donna is offered in a complete size range which makes it easier for all disciplines, genders and weight of riders to tailor their perfect quiver.

Sizes: 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14m²

  • Fast flying speed
  • Mid bar pressure
  • Lots of punch for powerful unhooked wakestyle moves precise, direct steering combined with balanced intuitive feedback
  • High wind performance like never before
  • Impressive low wind performance
  • Enormous lift and hangtime
  • Instant 5th line safety
  • Simple relaunch
  • Perfect Round Arc Shape
  • Floating Batten System FBT
  • High end manufacturing by double and taped seams, strong reinforcement , best industry materials only: Teijin canopy fabric and Polyant Dimension Dacron fabric
  • Kevlar at critical points for enhanced durability
  • Stitched in graphic design to save weight
  • Sophisticated 5 strut construction
  • Single point inflation, simple to service
Kite, Back Pack Bag, Repair Kit, JN Master's Craft