Master's Craft Bar 2 Snow - sold out

The new JN Snowkitebar, is specially developed for simple and safe riding on snow. Equipped with the approved Quick release, known from Switchcraft, it offers the rider direct steering and bar feedback and sheets out through a connector line between the backlines which can be used for backwards launching or even for landing.

Hybrid System: Easy to convert from 4 in 5 line setup and the other way around.

  • Use the Safety Leash Attachment ring to connect your Safety Leash.
  • The sophisticated and well-approved Quick release will ensure your safety.
  • Pulling the Adjuster handle allows you to depower or power the kite by a Clamcleat- Adjuster.
  • Use the Backline Bridge for landing, reverse launching. The safety system uses this bridge to release the kite safely.
  • Simple Quick release: A robust and easy to reload system which you can count on when you really need it. It also passes the AFNOR French release load tests. The rigid chicken loop design also means for easier hooking in and out. A removable retainer stick allows you to choose your riding style.
  • PU covered chicken loop rope and safety line: No more friction wear on the chicken loop and safety line means a minimum of maintenance required, and less consumable parts.
  • Four or five lines: An ultra simple and uncluttered convertible system letting the rider decide whether to flag to a fifth line, a single front line, or both front lines.
  • Multiple line length options: The MC comes with 24m lines as standard. Remove the 3m extensions, and you can shorten them down to 21m, ideal for more powered wave riding or wakestyle. 6m extensions are also available (sold separately) to allow riders the option of 27m or 30m to maximise their light wind performance.
  • High quality flying lines: Super strong Teufelberger lines, which our R&D has shown provides incredible abrasion resistance and tensile strength as well as a more positive feeling of connection to the kite. These stiffer lines also have anti-tangle properties, getting you out on the water faster.
  • Rubberised bar end winders: Comfortable and safe if they come into contact with your body during a hard crash.
  • Carbon/glass bar and EVA textured grip: Lightweight and strong bar tube construction, with a comfortable and grippy coating, designed to last.
  • Autolock chicken loop: When unhooked, the chicken loop orientates itself perfectly in the polished aluminium bar dug out, for easy hooking back in.
  • PU leader coating: These stiffen the steering lines at the bar end to avoid wrapping when lines go slack.
  • Simple built Clamcleat: a small, minimal and clean depower system in easy arms reach allowing you to use your body weight to depower the kite whilst riding.
  • Two bar width options: convertible from 45cm to 55cm to tune turning speeds for larger or smaller kites.
  • Steering line trim options: three knot options on the steering pigtails to change between less power, normal power and more power setting dependant on wind strength. Tighten them up for more bottom end, and slacken them off for unhooked riding.

Don't loose your loop!

Warning Chickenloop

To avoid losing the Chickenloop after a release, the red safety line must be attached trough the triangle of the Chickenloop before connecting it to the safety leash!