Prima Donna 7

Price list

Size Equipment Price
7m 1499.00€ request pre-order offer
8m 1599.00€ request pre-order offer
9m 1659.00€ request pre-order offer
10m 1699.00€ request pre-order offer
11m 1759.00€ request pre-order offer
6m 1459.00€ request pre-order offer
13m 1859.00€ request pre-order offer

Prima Donna , our x-times World Cup and World Champion winner  we will  release soon as Model Nbr 7.

The kite should serve all Freestyle & Wakestyle & Mega-Loop-Lovers of all kite diciplines.

It is our premium sportscar, fast, reliable and powerfull. Large depower, combined with stability in drifts gives you the freedom to control the kite even in toughest conditions.

The modern C shape is an utmost clean set up.

Proven high end best industry materials only will be applied to ensure function and durability of canopy and all Dacron parts,

The contruction we reinforce in all critical areas by Kevlar (TM).




Fast & Furios

The selection of high-quality materials in combination with perfectly developed shape and a thinner edge make our boards very fast. Early planing and effortless upwind- performance, will allow you to have more fun in the water!

Perfect Wide Round Arc Shape

Perfect Round Wide Arc Shape

The leading edge is made from minimal segments and is completely rounded which is achieved with clever cutting methods. This makes it lighter, stiffer, more robust and far more aerodynamic.

3D Shape

For the first time 3 axes are calculated in curved space in the design of the leading edge and also for the Canopy. The path led through many airflow analysis, rider feedbacks and inclusion of R&D work since 1999. The smaller 3D surfaces have the same efficiency as large areas of former 2D concepts, which means a higher efficiency of the entire kite.The principle is very consistently implemented  for the whole Leading Edge, to provide uncompromising sporty quick turning and explosiveness (including through multi-tip surfaces and other Leading Edge curvature). 

Single point inflation

Single Point Inflation

Single point inflation - a proven external, easy to maintain system

Ethical Trade

JN Ethical Trade

We know we have a direct influence on work ethics in the world, that’s why we work with international partners and subcontractors who maintain decent working standards as a matter of course.