TRAINER Kite 2,3m²

Price list

Size Equipment Price
2,3 m² Kite Complete 299.00€ request pre-order offer

The revised new generation of our Open Cell Kite, Trainer 2,3m² offers excellent flying quality and simple handling.

Its dynamic maneuverability and stable flight performance  on snow or land makes the trainer 2,3m² to a reliable partner.

We use high-end sail developed from the Paraglider industry, with strictly controlled production quality.

The kite comes complete with bar and lines ready to fly.


  • Simple to handle
  • Tight, direct turnings 
  • Direct bar feedback 
  • Dynamically flying performance 
  • Wide wind range

Color red-white


  • 2 lines safety 
  • High end manufacturing 
  • Sophisticated bridle setup 
  • Durable, light and high value sailcloth 
  • Size optimized vents for perfect shape profiling 
  • Trailing Edge openings

Set Kite, Bag, 2 x 20m Line Set, Bar