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The JN Sunset 2 is simply the ultimate medium and light wind strength weapon that provides all the features and characteristics to get riding a bit earlier. Having more of the edge in the water, it feels like you’re using an additional fin. In light conditions, where kiting with a normal board is hard work, you can shoot upwind and maximise the fun you have on the water. The board is also particularly beneficial to heavier riders.

Sizes : 135x40,5 / 138x41,5 / 142x42,5 / 146x44 / 148,5x45,5

We recommend as boots-bindings from Humanoid.



The Sunset has a flat scooped rocker line and a parabolic outline. This makes for early planing, outstanding upwind ability and excellent grip. The board is framed with a 2mm ABS sidewall. The wood core is considerably lighter than the popular cottonwood, and makes the board extremely robust and stable. We have completely redesigned our insert system to make them correctly spaced to allow use of most popular wake bindings.

  • Paulownia wood core
  • Triaxial fiber glass- carbon
  • 2mm ABS sidewalls
  • Ergonomic 3D comfort pads
  • High end injection fins
  • Revised insert system for compatibility with a range of footpads and wake bindings
Set of JN Ergonomic 3D comfort pads & straps all sizes fit, High end G10 fins 4,0 cm or 3,0 cm

Hardy Brandstötter

The Sunset is the perfect lightwind- weapon at our beautiful lakes in Austria. It's planing very early, has great upwind capability and it is still fun freestyling with it in lower wind conditions, even with wake-bindings.
Hardy Brandstötter

Fast & Furios

The selection of high-quality materials in combination with perfectly developed shape and a thinner edge make our boards very fast. Early planing and effortless upwind- performance, will allow you to have more fun in the water!

Paulownia Wood Core

If you want a board with serious durability you want a wood core. With harmonious characteristics, combining strength, flex, light weight and vibration damping, wood is still one of the main players when it comes to core materials.

ABS Sidewalls

Tough ABS sidewalls help prevent damage to your board due to side impact or hitting obstacles, allowing you to take your riding to the next level.

Carbon Inlay Strips

Triaxial carbon fibre is a premium material, giving the board a low weight, durability and most importantly an excellent flex response.

Extra Light

Produced with a combination of carbon fibre and Paulownia Wood Core to minimise weight without compromising durability