K2 Mindbender

Price list

Size Equipment Price
116c 599.95€ request pre-order offer
108Ti 699.95€ request pre-order offer
99Ti 649.95€ request pre-order offer
115c 599.95€ request pre-order offer
106c 549.95€ request pre-order offer
98Ti 649.95€ request pre-order offer


Mindbender 116C – ALL NEW. K2’s premier wide all mountain powder ski, and the namesake of the Mindbender collection. Constructed with carbon for enhanced torsional rigidity, versatile predictive turn initiation and consistent turn release, and designed for maximum float, and soft snow drift. Simply the best powder ski we have ever made.


Mindbender 108Ti – ALL NEW. Mid-fat all-condition attack tool. Skis everything from powder and chunder to the groomers with nimble precision and accuracy thanks to an effective blend of rocker, camber, and torsional stiffness.


Mindbender 99Ti – ALL NEW. The one ski to rule them all. Constructed with Titanal Beam Technology for a precise balance of torsional rigidity and fine tuned responsiveness on and off the piste. Freeride perfection achieved.




Mindbender 115C Alliance – ALL NEW. K2’s widest female specific ski, and designed from the ground up to meet the demands of the K2 Alliance. The 115C combines the stability, float, and confidence worthy of the vanguard of women’s freeride.


Mindbender 106C Alliance – ALL NEW. Mid-fat designed to excel in the most demanding conditions. Constructed with carbon for perfectly balanced torsional rigidity, female specific flex, and control.


Mindbender 98Ti Alliance – ALL NEW. Every condition, every day. Developed with Titanal Beam Technology for supreme turn initiation, control, and stability in all terrain, and power focused under foot for maximum edge grip and hold.




You've seen 'em here, there and everywhere. The K2 Mindbender 116c is the powder ski meant to charge it all and come back swinging. Strung up with Carbon Spectral Braid, this surprisingly lightweight deep powder ski can run with the best of 'em. We've put in the work to produce the ultimate big-mountain powder ski that won't bog down on the harder stuff.

Size: 179,186,193

Dimensions: 143/116/133

Rocker: Powder Rocker , Ski Radius: 22.9m @ 186cm

Construction: Carbon , Product Weight: 2062g @ 186cm

Binding:Flat (Binding Not Included)

Skis Category: Powder , Freeride

Best for: Powder, Freeride, Big Mountain



String ‘em up and slap ‘em down. The Mindbender 108Ti are meant to run. Utilizing K2’s Proprietary Titanal Y-Beam™, this freak of a ski is meant to do one thing: mash. From deep pow to the chalky steeps, this beast is the big mountain charger you’ve been waiting for. Toss in a longer turn radius and even flex, and you’ll be wondering why it took you so long to hop on board.

Size: 172,179,186,193,  

Dimensions: 136/108/125

Ski Rocker: All Terrain Rocker , Ski Radius: 22.9m @ 186cm

Construction: Titanal , Product Weight: 2236g @ 186cm

Binding: Flat (Binding Not Included)

Skis Category: Powder , Freeride

Best for: Powder, Freeride, Big Mountain



Quick edge-to-edge? Check. Absurd float in pow? Oh you bet. You might be surprised to hear that the the Mindbender 99ti only clocks in at 99 underfoot – it definitely hits above it’s weight. Toss in that Y-Beam and you’ll be wondering where the speed limit on this thing really is. West Coast, East Coast – it doesn’t matter. It’s the kind of ski you drop in the back of your car, and take with you wherever you go

Size: 170, 177, 184, 191

Dimensions: 138/99/123

Ski Rocker: All Terrain Rocker

Ski Radius: 18.5m @ 184cm

Construction: Titanal, Product Weight: 2226g @ 184cm

Binding: Flat (Binding Not Included)

Skis Category: Freeride

Best for: Piste, Freeride, Big Mountain



We turned to the K2 Women’s Alliance for guidance, and the one thing we heard was simple: “we need a true fat ski.” So we heeded the call – and had a blast doing it. Taking a lightweight Aspen Veneer Core™ and tossing in Carbon Spectral Braid™, the 115c is a lightweight big mountain crusher with a never-diving tip. This thing takes to the pillows, the deep pow – and even the hardpack – and looks darn good doing it.

Size: 165, 172, 179

Dimensions: 140/115/129 ,

Ski Radius: 20.4m @ 172cm

Construction: Carbon, Product Weight: 1770g @ 172cm

Binding: Flat (Binding Not Included)

Rocker: Powder Rocker

Skis Category: Freeride , Powder

Best for: Powder, Freeride, Big Mountain



Everyone needs a go-to. For the demanding skier, the K2 Mindbender 106c offers that and more, no doubt. Featuring a quick edge-to-edge feel thanks to the Aspen Veneer Core™ and Carbon Spectral Braid™, the 106 offers a nimble feel in the variable snow. But when things get deep, lean in and hold on tight; you’ll be in for a sweet ride.

Size: 159, 167, 175

Dimensions: 139/106/124

Ski Rocker: All Terrain Rocker

Ski Radius: 15m @ 167cm

Construction: Carbon

Binding: Flat (Binding Not Included)

Product Weight: 1570g @ 167cm

Skis Category: Powder , Freeride

Best for: Powder, Freeride, Big Mountain



Every day. We’re not joking. Every. Dang. Day. That’s when you’ll want to ride the all-new Mindbender 98ti Alliance. Damp in chop but energized at the top of the turn, the Mindbender 98ti will change your opinion of sub-100 freeride skis. Take it in the pow, put it in the slush – whatever, whenever. The 98ti Alliance is the only ski you need. Full Stop.

Size: 154, 161, 168, 175

Dimensions: 134/98/120

Ski Rocker: All Terrain Rocker

Ski Radius: 15.6 @ 168cm

Construction: Titanal , Product Weight; 1833g @ 168cm

Binding: Flat (Binding Not Included)

Skis Category: Freeride , Powder

Best for: Powder, Freeride, Big Mountain