JN have been making kites under the JN brand since 2003. Michael Nesler handles the design side of things, and his partner Bernd Jochum does the management. Before that they were designing kites for some of the big names in the industry. Their first kite, the Wild Thing was a high performance monster and also a graphic design masterpiece. This was followed by the original Prima Donna which performed extremely well with the change in direction to wakestyle. A mean looping and unhooking machine. Since then they have followed up these kites with a successful range of high performance C shapes and newer hybrid designs appealing to all sectors of the market.  The company has grown and distribution partners and team riders have become like family. The current team is a real European mix. The JN team is managing the complete value chain for JN Kites & Boards from design till distribution. We achieved several World Champion titles in snow kiting and kitesurfing, further product test winners and awards (ISPO Award, Export Award).

JN are aware that they have a direct influence on work ethics in the world; that's why they work with international partners and subcontractors who maintain decent working standards as a matter or course. JN use only the highest quality material and use cutting-edge design software and extensive prototypin.


Our Vision
„The art of creating tomorrow’s sporting goods… Spend time outdoors, participate in everything, look around you and find out what makes people happy.“