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From Pioneers to Champions

JN’s Journey in Watersports and Outdoor Innovation

Before founding JN in 2003 Bernd and Michael were designing kites for some of the big names in the industry. Their first JN kite, the Wild Thing, was a high performance monster and also a graphic design masterpiece.

This was followed by the original Prima Donna which performed extremely well with the change in direction freestyle. Since then they have followed up these kites with a successful range of high performance C shapes and newer hybrid designs appealing to all sectors of the market, like the Mr. Fantastic and Mr. Air.

Next to that we have won some World-Champion-Titles in Snow-Kiting with our High-Performance-Open-Cell-Kite, the Randas.

We always strive to design the best possible functional products for our customers and to produce them as sustainably as possible.

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